It’s A Right: 4 Reasons You Should Exercise Your Right To Vote

11 August 2019
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If you haven't voted in any of the recent elections, it's time to get active. You might be thinking that one vote won't matter, but that's simply not the case. The fact is that every vote counts. Once you reach the legal age to vote, it's important for you to take the opportunity to participate in local, state, and federal elections. If you're still not decided, here are just four of the reasons why you need to exercise your right to vote. Read More 

Coming To Terms With The Cost Of Running For City Council

26 February 2019
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Running for local office is one of the best and most accessible ways to get directly involved with the political process, but many candidates are unprepared for the amount of work and financial investment required to run a successful campaign. It is a common misconception that campaigns for local positions such as city council are relatively cheap, but this is not always the case. In fact, local elections can sometimes be very hotly contested. Read More 

Ready To Take A Stand? How To Become A Political Activist

17 September 2017
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Whether you lean to the left, the right, or sit somewhere in the middle, political activism has reached a feverish pitch. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants their opinion to be heard, which is good. After all, this is a country founded on the concept of "for the people, by the people." That means, the people need to be heard; all the people, from the left, right and middle. If you've decided to stop sitting on the sidelines, and wade right into the arena of political activism, there are some things you should know. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Private Well

14 September 2017
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If you've recently bought a home with a private well on the property, you're probably looking forward to having a reliable source of water as well as being free from increasingly rising water costs associated with depending on a public utility to get your water needs met. However, one of the tradeoffs for owning a private well is that you're the one responsible for the quality of the water that your family uses for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Read More