It's A Right: 4 Reasons You Should Exercise Your Right To Vote

11 August 2019
 Categories: Government & Politics, Blog


If you haven't voted in any of the recent elections, it's time to get active. You might be thinking that one vote won't matter, but that's simply not the case. The fact is that every vote counts. Once you reach the legal age to vote, it's important for you to take the opportunity to participate in local, state, and federal elections. If you're still not decided, here are just four of the reasons why you need to exercise your right to vote.

Every Election is Important

If you only vote in the big elections – presidential and gubernatorial races – you're missing the opportunity to make a difference. You may not realize this, but every election is important, including the local races. After all, it's your local elected officials that create the municipal laws that dictate life within your community. If you're not voting in those elections, you're giving away your opportunity to make changes.

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

If you're not voting at all, your voice can't be heard. Unfortunately, if elected officials aren't hearing your voice, they're not taking your concerns into consideration when enacting laws. Not only that, but if you're not ensuring that your voice is heard – by speaking at the ballot – you give up your right to be heard in the public forum. Make sure your voice is heard loud and clear by casting your ballot, whether it is for Carmine Marceno or for someone else.

Choose How Your Money is Spent

If you pay taxes, your money is being spent in a wide variety of ways. While you may approve of some of the ways that your tax dollars are being spent, there may be others that you don't approve of. Unfortunately, if you don't vote in the elections, you have no way to voice your concerns over the way your tax dollars are being spent. That's where your vote comes into the picture. Each time you vote, you let your elected officials know how you want your tax dollars to be spent.

Ensure the Right Approach to Criminal Justice

If you're not paying attention to the people you're voting for, you need to start, especially where the Sheriff is concerned. When you vote for your local Sheriff, you're making sure that your opinions regarding the criminal justice system are heard loud and clear. Voting for a strong candidate will help shape the way crime is handled in your community.